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Architecture is Time.
We Design Time Well Spent.

Branded Spaces &
professional 3d rendering.


We treat architecture as a legacy – the imprints and traces in time that we as a civilization, leave behind us.

Therefore architecture must serve you, as a flourishing environment to spend time in, and the future generations that will make use of what you build.

So, good design can’t be reduced to the superficial façade. It becomes architecture when it reveals its insides to those who experience the space, just like dancers feel the rhythm of the music.

Our team is present both in Romania and Denmark – and we’re not tied to any physical boundaries – but we are very careful when selecting our clients.

& object design

Furniture is an extension of the space, just as much as the pencil is the extension of an architect’s mind. 

A well-designed object alone can influence the atmosphere of a space, that’s how powerful product design is.

We have the means of producing the objects we design specifically for you. 

interior design

We all value more of a person for what they really are than what they show on the outside.

Spaces are the same. The exterior, architectural skin of a building is important, but the real value is in the experiences created by the space.

The interior design should nurture your better self, improve your lifestyle and reflect your personality.


It is hard to make a presentation of your project without a proper visual aid, and that’s why we decided to specialize in architectural visualization!

You can get help from us. As architects, we’ll understand your vision and have the 3D rendering skills to get the most out of your project.

Pretty much like photography, but you and we are in control of everything – without micromanagement.

3D product

With a consistent background in brand identity, we do have the clarity to design visual stories that help you sell. And having a keen sense of space comes in handy when you want to showcase a product. 

We have extensive experience with creating photorealist environments and even utopian scenes. Give your product the best shot with our premium-looking 3D product renderings.


We’re not shy to show our true colors and search for uniqueness.

Young & bold, we design responsibly towards the community. Because boundless creativity doesn’t have a purpose if it doesn’t bring value to society.

We aid our architectural projects with professional 3D rendering services and a solid understanding of branding, visual identity, and digital marketing.

Our buildings make use of Design Thinking, 3D visualization, and Careful Project Management to lower the investment risk. Good planning and execution will save money in the lifetime of a building. 

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meet your
new team.

Monica Safta, founder at OVERLAP

Monica Safta

architect & 3D artist - Bucharest/Brasov, Romania
A few years of working in several architectural practices in Europe made it clear to me that I need to find a way of speaking my mind and enabling my ideas. Evoke my thoughts in a pure way, with no intermediary between mind and hand.

That was the flame that ultimately materialized into our studio, and we keep it true to ourselves.
Razvan Socol, founder at OVERLAP

Razvan Socol

architect, 3D artist, brand strategist & digital marketer.
I'm a 30 years young architect, former digital marketer and graphic designer. Born and raised in Brașov, Romania.

I always strive to capture a glimpse of demiurgical essence within my work. After all, God is a Designer.

I dare to say that I'm self-taught, since traditional education isn't ever enough. I like to get out of my comfort zone and learn, adapt, overcome.

Challenge(s) accepted.
Laura Voinescu, architect at Overlap.

Laura Voinescu

architect, video/photo grapher & editor - Copenhagen
Living in Copenhagen allowed me to explore this city, learn its intimacies and, on top of that, I use photography as a tool to study human nature.

These circumstances changed the way I approach architecture, seeing the impact it has on human behaviour and psyche.

In one way or the other, I focus on solving social problems when designing pretty much anything.


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