We show our entire process
over 5 visualization courses.

Learn to render just like us with
Corona Renderer in 3dsMax.

Course 1:
Get our Settings!

A comprehensive course on how we set up the Corona Renderer for our self-developed process. We point out the free or paid scripts we use in 3dsMax.

 This is an essential class, a foundation for a good visualization, showcasing the setup secrets for a stunning visual.

Course 2:
Composition & Cameras

A thorough class into how to set up cameras for a photorealist rendering, and how to choose the best perspective of your object or building. Sometimes you need to support the best perspective with the entourage after a few rules of composition, and sometimes camera position, FOV, depth of field or even the zoom can improve a scene.

Learn all that stuff and more.

Course 3:

Learn how to make the material editor your friend. Materials play an important part in the quality of your render. 

We show how we build materials from scratch, how we modify existing ones, and how we use them inside the scene.

Course 4:
Lights Setup

Lighting is without argument, the most important factor in photography, and rendering is basically a digital camera that captures your scene. 

Learn how to use lights to your advantage, be it an exterior or an interior visualization. 

Learn the secrets to a stunning light.

Course 5:
Final Touches & Postprocess.

How do you make last minute touches, right before you hit render for the last time?

We build the scenes detailed enough that we don’t usually need to use Photoshop to add too many textures or light effects. But we will get into that as well, and after that, we’ll show you our self-developed postprocessing technique.

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We’re not shy to show our true colors and search for uniqueness.

Young & bold, well-disciplined architects capable of bringing ideas into virtual reality before laying a single brick.

 This means you see exactly what you get so you don’t waste time and money on something that you dislike.

Solid architectural knowledge, proficient 3D rendering language, design thinking and boundless imagination – this is what we bring to the table. We take on projects from all over the world, and we don’t limit to architecture, but rather like to stretch our expertise with utopian projects, product design, and visualization.

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meet your
new team.

Monica Safta, founder at OVERLAP

Monica Safta

architect & 3D artist - Bucharest
A few years of working in several architectural practices in the western part of Europe made it clear to me that I need to find a way of speaking my mind, enabling my ideas. Evoke my thoughts in a pure way, with no intermediary between mind and hand.

That's how and why our studio materialized, and we keep it true to ourselves.
Razvan Socol, founder at OVERLAP

Razvan Socol

architect & 3D artist - Bucharest
I'm a 29 years old architect and a marketing strategy enthusiast with background in branding, born and raised in Brașov, Romania.

I always strive to capture a glimpse of demiurgical essence within my work. After all, God is a Designer.

I won't say I'm self-taught, but I always search for situations that force me out of my comfort zone and learn, adapt, overcome. You know the saying.

Challenge(s) accepted.
Laura Voinescu, architect at Overlap.

Laura Voinescu

architect & photographer - Copenhagen
Living in Copenhagen allowed me to explore this city, learn its intimacies and, on top of that, I use photography as a tool to study human nature.

These circumstances changed the way I approach architecture, seeing the impact it has on human behaviour and psyche.

In one way or the other, I focus on solving social problems when designing pretty much anything.


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