Globalworth – office building visualization & lobby interior design.

Office building lobby interior design and visualization.

Purpose: 3d Visualization to support Globalworth’s marketing efforts;Current project status: Finished.Location: Romania, Bucharest.Year: 2020 This is a walk-through, a case study of the process behind this office building visualization and interior design project. We’ll explain what were the client’s problems and goals, and then we’ll detail our approach as well. And, if you’re interested in […]

How to build your wood pavilion like an architect.

Building detail of the inside roof of the wood pavilion.

How often do architects build something with their own hands? We were curious to see how hard it is to build a wood pavilion, so we challenged ourselves to make things easier for you to DIY. Our solution to optimizing the cost without cutting back on material quality, structural integrity, and aesthetics, was the use […]

Is a 3D Product Rendering Service going to help you sell?

Product visualization presenting a floating piece of plastic furniture, on a purple background.

No one can argue the status of visuals in marketing. Be it a 3d product rendering services or traditional photography shooting, you can’t sell without illustrating your product in some way. Yet, in this consumerist era social media threw us into, most content has a shorter lifespan compared to earlier decades. Therefore, visuals are a […]

Out of the box creative stairs design in six steps.

La Muralla Roja image of the red and concrete stair design.

…or how to let your imagination slowly run wild. Obviously, this article is about our own approach to creative stairs design.   However, we’d like to start things by taking a step back for a broader look.       When it comes to creating any kind of space, whether real or fictional, practical or […]