Purpose: Leisure backyard wood pavilion, next to an artificial pond;
Current project status: Built.
Location: Romania, Brașov, Șinca Veche
Area: 14.4 m²
Year: 2019
Estimated cost: 875 € (materials only)
Materials: Evergreen wood planks, OSB boards, 1 KVH wood beam, Overhanging roof metal sheets. Bitumen shingles, Slate rock pavement tiles, and Metal accessories.

Photographer & Videographer: Laura Ioana Voinescu

Exploded axonometry of the wood pavilion
Exploded axonometry of the wood pavilion.


The structural and architectural concept behind the wood pavilion.

We decided to make use of regular, evergreen wood planks instead of thick, expensive timber. Using this weak piece of material, we managed to build solid structural elements: it’s basically the same principle as with the CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). But by making it on our own, we had control of everything, and it was easier to make the dowel tenon joints. This three-layer sandwich pillar design offered us flexibility for the cuts, and we were able to build a solid yet light roofing structure. The rafters are actually wood planks that fit perfectly inside the posts.

At the same time, we trimmed a bit of the inside layer of the posts, emphasizing the slenderness of the structure. Not having any screws or metal visible other than the lifted steel post base was something we aimed for.

So, using the dowelled tenon joint wooden planks instead of thick timber also leaves no metal screws or profiles in sight. The only structural piece that is not made of boards is the beam. And that’s only because we couldn’t find wood planks long enough to cover the diagonal distance of the pavilion.


Isometric view of the corner wood pillar, beam and rafters
Isometric view of the corner wood pillar. Notice how the beam and rafters integrate into the wood post.


Axonometry of the wooden pavilion pillar and rafters
Axonometry that shows how the pillar and the rafters are getting together.


Axonometry of the wood pavilion
Axonometry showing the skeleton of the pavilion covering.
Isometric view of the wood pavilion
Isometric view that shows the pavilion fully finished.


Wood gazebo plan
The pavilion plan. You can notice the diagonal KVH beam in white.


Site plan of the backyard with the wood pavilion
Site plan of the backyard where the wood pavilion is located.


The end result.

3d rendering of the pavilion
We also produced a 3d rendering of the pavilion.


And here’s the final product, beautifully captured on the lenses by our friend and teammate Laura:


For more specifications, project details, and the history behind the wood pavilion, check out our blog post here.


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