Exposed core – armchair design

Purpose: Instagramable armchair designed for Megamall Bucuresti in late 2019, developed in collaboration with Kromozom Europe.Current project status: Finished;Location: Bucharest, RomaniaYear: 2019 To see the built diamond-like core armchair installation, check the bottom of this post.       If you enjoy the way this project turned out, you might also like our neo-constructivist home design. […]

MegaMall info-desk: design & 3d rendering

Floating visualization of the info-desk concept drawer.

Purpose: An info-desk designed for the main entrance of Megamall Bucuresti, in collaboration with Kromozom Europe.Current project status: Unbuilt;Location: Bucharest, RomaniaYear: 2019   MegaMall has been a constant client of us and the Kromozom Europe team. So back in 2019, we had been commissioned to develop an info-desk design that would reflect the MegaMall brand refreshment. We […]

Vondom Sloo chair: a 3d utopian showcase

Rendering of the Sloo Vondom chair, in an utopic, pink isolation pod.

A series of images depicting a utopic, imagined space to accommodate the Sloo chair made by Vondom. With our creative eye, the retro-futurist design of this piece of furniture can be properly contextualized, enabling the brand to tell a story. It really is interesting how sometimes we buy furniture or products for the sleek lines, […]