The Nest House: A Memphis – Constructivist home design

Purpose: Conceptual project for the NEST House contest held by OAR;
Current project status: Unbuilt;
Location: Utopian
Area: less than 100 m²
Year: 2018

The colorful dining room of the Nest House, designed with Memphis influences.
We really went nuts with this Memphis-style-inspired design. This rendered image shows the colorful dining room of the Nest House.

Back in 2018 when we were just starting this studio, we entered this competition called the “Blitz Contest – Small House, Nest House”. Held annually by the Romanian Architects Order, this contest is open to any house proposals, as long as they are under 100 sqm.

We aimed to create a very serene exterior design so that anyone would be really surprised to find the colorful interior we designed in a mix of Memphis and Constructivist styles.

Here’s another colorful, pink project we worked on with Karim Rashid back in 2018.

The exterior of the Memphis house, a very sober color palette compared to what you find in the interior.
The exterior of the Nest house has a very sober color palette compared to what you find in the interior.
Pink and blue sitting area Memphis interior design. Strong contrast between textures and colors.
Pink and blue sitting area Memphis interior design. A strong contrast between textures and colors.
Architectural plans of the Nest House designed in Memphis style.
Architectural plans of the Nest House.

If you’re curious about who we are, or simply want to ask us a question, you can contact us here, or visit our Instagram page.

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Monica Safta, founder at OVERLAP

Monica Safta

architect & 3D artist - Bucharest/Brasov, Romania
My colleagues say I'm the creative powerhouse here in our studio. I just like to put my unaltered thoughts into the physical world.

That was the flame that ultimately materialized into our studio. And we keep it true to ourselves.
Razvan Socol, founder at OVERLAP

Razvan Socol

architect, 3D artist, brand strategist & digital marketer.
I'm a 31 years young architect, former digital marketer and graphic designer.

I dare to say that I'm self-taught, since traditional education isn't ever enough. I like to get out of my comfort zone and learn, adapt, overcome.

Challenge(s) accepted.
Alexandru Magureanu, Engineer at Overlap Architecture studio.

Alex Magureanu

structural engineer - Bucharest
With 13 years of experience in hundreds of construction sites and projects, my role is to make all the creative ideas possible.

I have a strong passion for new technologies in the construction area, passive homes and - I know it's a stereotype - automotive & racing.
Laura Voinescu, architect at Overlap.

Laura Voinescu

architect, video/photo grapher & editor - Copenhagen
Living in Copenhagen definitely changed the way I approach architecture, seeing the impact it has on human behaviour and psyche.

In one way or the other, I focus on solving social problems when designing pretty much anything.


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